Principality Consulting Limited


Principality Consulting’s consultants have successfully assisted organisations across the UK to review how they work, using business improvement methods such as Lean business improvement to identify savings. Once savings are found, we use our extensive knowledge of IT systems that help a business to run effectively ( often ERP systems, but sometimes standalone systems ) to ensure that the savings are sustained within the business. The best practice PRINCE2 project management methodology is used to manage the projects.

Information security is important - our specialist IT security consultants ensure that the systems implemented are as secure as possible, and can help a business audit the already implemented systems to ensure that they too are secure.

Projects often comprise a blend of business consultancy services to achieve the best results.

Principality integrates best-in-class management consultancy, quality and IT expertise to deliver performance through technology with clear ROI from the outset. Our Lean consultants often achieve a 10:1 return on consulting time, which is then returned year on year.