Principality Consulting Limited


Digital strategy

Principality Consulting provide services to set the digital strategy of your company, ensuring that your business remains compliant with laws & regulations such as HMRCs “Making Tax Digital”, The National Cyber Security Centre’s “Cyber Essentials” scheme and the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR. We look at the way that the company is using computer systems to manage the company, how the hardware is set up, security, budget and how future trends can be exploited to best advantage. The whole digital strategy would encompass a manufacturing company’s PLC and SCADA systems too, if they use this technology.

The regulations are not the primary reason for setting your digital strategy though. There are some fantastic, reasonably priced systems available that will be able to transform the way that your company works, increasing your profit margins & simplifying your day-day tasks. This will deliver more reliable, accurate data which enables you to make the right decisions for your organisation.

We work with your current IT supplier or internal IT team to ensure that the technology that is in place can support the business as it grows. It might be a new cloud based finance system, new software to run the whole business such as an ERP system or ensuring that the risk from cyber attack is minimised as far as possible.

Asset management strategy

Whilst a digital strategy is very important, the strategy that is used to manage the assets that a company has is also important for a manufacturing or engineering company. The machines need to run at the highest reliable capacity that they can – measured as the OEE of the machine in Lean terminology. Using techniques such as maintenance optimisation or predictive maintenance can be of great benefit here. Principality consulting are able to provide expert assistance in your Lean journey to reduce waste and increase productivity.

Principality Consulting are able to create a maintenance strategy for your assets which keeps those machines running reliable, but only doing the maintenance that’s needed to prevent unwanted breakdowns.