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Principality Consulting – making your business more efficient

Principality Consulting’s consultants have worked throughout  the UK to help businesses improve their practices. We operate in four main domains –

PCL IT Consultancy Services UK

New computer systems to run the business

We help companies to specify, select and then to implement a computer system to run the business. This could be a finance package to keep the books in order, an ERP system that manages all parts of the business or maybe an Asset Management System to ensure that the equipment that a company has is maintained properly.  Our consultants are expert in ensuring that you have the right solution for your business – and also helping you to get the best out of the solution that’s selected.


Maintenance optimisation

It could be that you have a system to manage the company’s maintenance activities, but you want to optimise the way that you carry out that maintenance. Are you doing too much intrusive maintenance that just introduces more problems that it prevents ? Or maybe you are working in a “run to fail” mode, and want to introduce some preventative measures to ensure that the equipment is available when you need it ? Our maintenance consultants have years of experience in making sure that companies do the right maintenance at the right time to ensure that maintenance cost is minimised whilst the site runs reliably.


Milling machine



data loss

Information security

The new Data Protection Act 2018, or GDPR, means that the spotlight is on data at the moment. Principality Consulting can help you on the road to compliance by guiding you through the Cyber Essentials certification – or even through the ISO standard for data management, ISO 27001. These certifications will help you in the tendering process by ensuring that your data is held securely, as well as giving you peace of mind that you are doing what you can to keep personal data safe.


Lean business improvement

Lean techniques help a business to become more profitable by reducing the wasteful practices which really hit the bottom line – and reduce quality. Principality Consulting can help you to understand Lean, to implement Lean in your company and to improve the profits of your company by helping you to do only the things that you need to do – in the most efficient way possible.

Projects often comprise a blend of business consultancy services to achieve the best results.