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Computerising the business

What do we mean by “Computerising” ? Isn’t that a bit of an old-fashioned term these days ?

Most businesses use computers – for browsing the web or sending emails. All large businesses use complex programs to manage the business, and smaller businesses are beginning to do the same. The price & complexity of these systems continues to fall, maily due to the availability of cloud computing, so what we now call “computerisation” actually means using technology to help the business become more efficient & profitable.

Principality Consulting has helped large buinesses to understand exactly what a new computer system can do for their business, often migrating from one system to another. We have taken this knowledge and distilled it for smaller businesses, so they too can benefit from the opportunities which are available.

There are a number of different ways to computerise your business, and Principality Consulting can help you understand which is the best type of system for you. We can also help you select the exact application to use, and the software provider to help you install it. We will be there to help ensure that it’s installed properly too.

Smaller businesses

Smaller businesses would benefit from computerising with a financial system, and possibly a secondary system which is linked to finance that controls the management of the business processes. Click here to find out more. We’ve never found a small business that has regretted moving from an Excel based system to a proper financial system and you can be in that club too.

The video on the left gives you an idea of how the systems work in just about a minute.

Medium sized businesses

Medium or more complex businesses may benefit from an ERP system – an integrated system that can manage all aspects of the business in one. This brings even more efficiency, however is more complex and therefore costly to implement. It might be the right system for you though – click here to find out.

Industrial systems

The systems used to manage industrial processes – know as SCADA and PLC systems – are very specialist systems, which work in different ways to ‘normal’ computers. They are designed to keep on working even in the event of error, whilst the office based systems are designed to stop in this case, to protect the company’s data. The fact that they need to keep on working means that they need to be protected carefully, and Principality Consulting can help to ensure that devices such as firewalls are configured correctly to keep those systems safe & running the business. Find out more here.

All businesses

Every business needs to ensure that their data is safe. Principality Consulting is Cyber Essentials certified, and we can help you to become a Cyber Essentials certified business too. The Government backed Cyber Essentials scheme is a set of measures that a company should take to keep the risk of failure of an IT system to a minimum, including if it’s attacked by an automated hack attempt.  Click here to find out how.