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Free Business Healthcheck

If you’re trying to plan business improvements then Principality Consulting’ systemised diagnostic designed to address all the factors for success will help ensure measurable, positive results.

This Initial Business Healthcheck is a relatively short, systematic project evaluates a specific area of a concern. For example:

  • Customer service performance
  • Employee productivity
  • Financial performance
  • Financial systems
  • Manufacturing and distribution systems
  • Supply chain management
  • Management effectiveness
  • Asset maintenance management

The initial diagnostic assessment comprises a headline strategic review, gap analysis and business process evaluation.  This takes place over a morning with headline feedback after lunch.

If the Client wishes to progress, Principality proceeds with a report detailing objective advice and a costed improvement plan including clear statement of Return on Investment. Plus details of any grant support that may be accessed.

To learn more about this development framework, contact us today.

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