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There are countless Lean tools available, and these ones are some of the most popular. Do remember though – just knowing what the tools do doesn’t mean that you are implementing Lean correctly. You need to use the tools to ensure that you are reducing waste and delivering excellent quality to the customer. Click on one of the red links to load a Single Page Lesson for that topic.

Value Stream MapSingle Page Lesson - VSM A graphical representation of the business showing where the inventory lies, how much time the product / service has to wait and how the product or service flows through the company
5SSingle Page Lesson - 5SA place for everything, and everything in it's place - however ensuring that we only have the things that we need, and that they are where they are needed.
Visual factorySingle Page Lesson - Visual FactoryBeing able to see all of the Key Performance Indicators visually - and being able to easily hone in on the KPIs that are in exception
Total Productive MaintenanceSingle Page Lesson - TPMProduction operators doing small maintenance tasks, such as checking fluid levels
Quick Change OverSingle Page Lesson - QCOBeing able to move from one product to another in the fastest possible time
Standardised workSingle Page Lesson - Standardised WorkEnsuring that tasks are always done in the same way, every time
Just In TimeSingle Page Lesson - JITDoing or buying thins so that they arrive where they are needed, when they are needed.
Takt TimeSingle Page Lesson - Takt TimeThe "heartbeat" of the process. How many widgets or invoices can be processed in a day.
Pull systemSingle Page Lesson - Pull systemsOnly make or do things when they are needed, and not in advance. Avoiding making items for stock when it's not necessary.