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Lean business improvement

Lean can be used to improve any business. It’s a methodology that has its roots in the car industry, but has since been expaned to work in any workplace. Lean concentrates on the data of the business, helping to make decisions to relentlessly remove any wasteful practices that don’t add value to the customer. We have more information here, or alternatively click here for a number of single page lessons on some of the building blocks of Lean, such as the 5S process.

Principality Consulting used the Lean methodology with a multinational company to save around £100,000 per annum from the process that they used to manage IT projects in Europe. The project had paid for itself in just a few weeks, with the resultant savings being made year after year.


Project management services

PCL Business Services
You may have a project that is being implemented within the company – but not the people (or the skills) to implement it yourself.

Principality Consulting have PRINCE2 trained professional project managers that can bring structure & experience to ensure that your project is implemented as quickly & completely as possible. We often use these skills when helping customers to implement a new computer system, however we can also help out with other projects. We have engineers that have moved factories from one country to another or managed factory maintenance shutdown periods.

Some software suppliers use Principality Consulting’s expertise to project manage an integrated system’s implementation at a customer site. We will work with you to ensure that the software supplier has all of the information that they need when they need it, in the format that they need. This means that the implementation will be smoother, quicker and more likely to be successful.

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Asset management

Factories have equipment. Lots of equipment. The equipment needs to me maintained properly to ensure that it’s available for use when its needed.Milling machine

There are two aspects to ensuring that equipment is available for use – maintaining it at an appropriate period, in an appropriate manner and also ensuring that the maintenance happens & is recorded properly. This may be needed for statutoiry purposes, such as managing lifting equipment.

Principality Consulting is able to optimise the maintenance that’s carried out on any piece of equipment – maintain too much, and you may be introducing faults & costing money in spare parts and equipment unavailability. Maintain too little and you risk the equipment breaking down just when it’s needed. The data regarding equipment reliability is analysed and then appropriate changes made to get the maintenance “just right”. Click here for more information.

There are specialist computer systems that are available at reasonable cost that can help to manage the maintenance that’s carried out on any machine. These systems will manage the spare parts too, so you will always have the part that you need when you need it. The systems record all of the maintenance that has been carried out (either breakdown or planned) so that a picture can be built up – do we maintain the equipment or buy a new machine ? The data will be available to help make those decisions.

The records will also be available for statutory purposes. Any maintenance that is needed or has been carried out is available to any inspector that may need to view the records.

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