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Taking the pain out of choosing, procuring and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning systems, our independent IT consultants can help.

  • Impartial from systems suppliers and resellers
  • Proven track record with SMEs
  • Approved to deliver grant supported projects in Wales – Welsh Government E Business partners
  • Promising agile expertise, business acumen and technology know-how.

To define Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), it is an integrated communication and organisation platform that strengthens both collaboration and process quality – underpinned by powerful report writers for rich business intelligence.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution promises huge improvements in efficiency by combining complex, disparate, and obsolescent data sources for resource planning into a single system.

Capturing information within one ERP software gives a business the engine to drive all its operations from a single, integrated database.

ERP functionality combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Processing, the processes of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP11) to generate orders for raw materials, production schedules, timetables for shifts, and financial projections; whilst keeping close track of inventory.

Powerful, online communications features enhance e-business capability. Enabling management, operations, Suppliers and Customers the email, data exchange and access to real-time information demanded for open book and effective supply chain working.

Benefits include shorter intervals between orders and payments, lower back-office staff requirements, reduced inventory, and improved customer service. Errors can be minimized and information exchange is streamlined, enhancing customer satisfaction. Plus, you get real-time data on which to base the best, mission critical decisions.

Introducing, replacing or upgrading your ERP software is a key decision with major wins when effectively managed, but significant risks when it goes wrong.

Our implementation consultants’ depth of expertise in Business Analysis determines the need and opportunities for the business and its stakeholders in using its existing, or replacement IT solution. Our breadth of knowledge of the information systems market means risk is mitigated and maximum benefit is taken of existing, upgraded or replacement systems.

Principality Consulting’s User Requirement Specification (URS) documents the business processes and the requirements of the system-users in interpreting, communicating and planning customer’s requirements to meet delivery, quality and cost objectives. Ensuring you lay in the infrastructure foundation for future growth, based on process efficiencies, to quantify where further savings can be realized.

The URS provides a document against which the capability and effectiveness of solutions can be determined. It also forms the basis for a contract against which the solution is implemented.

Our body of knowledge of ERP provides comfort when making optimum ERP selection. Our data on the systems available is kept current via subscription to The National Computing (NCC) Evaluation Centre – the UK’s No. 1 guide to software, services and technology.

To ensure the best fit and value-for-money solution, we provide features and benefits; constraints; ranking information, plus look and feel demonstrations to help you with competitive tendering and evaluation.

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ERP Training

Experts in manufacturing, Principality’s consultants provide Methodology Training for MRP systems based on lean and agile principles – with ERP implementation covering Customer Relationship Management, Sales and Operations Planning, Operations Management, Shop Floor Control and Distribution Management.

Most ERP systems have multi company, language and currency capability to enable global electronic business.

Read the story of how Principality Consulting’s helped Blackwood Engineering with manufacturing software – who source customise low-cost, engineered castings from its supplier in China, holding the unfinished castings in stock in the UK for finishing and delivery against its customers call off schedules.

For details of possible Welsh Government E-Business support for your project see Funding to make it happen.

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